Issue 10: Originality in a Digital Culture

Guest Edited by: Tara Robbins Fee and Samuel B. Fee 


◼︎ Editors’ Introduction for NANO Special Issue 10: Originality in a Digital Culture

Tara Robbins Fee and Samuel B. Fee

◼︎ Crafty Bricolage: Pinterest as Digital Scrapbooking

Maura D'Amore

◼︎ Camera Copia: Reflections on Rephotography in the Instagram Age

Siobhan Lyons

◼︎ Who Owns a Gesture? Creation and Collaboration in Theatre Arts Practice

Eero Laine and David Allen

◼︎ Refreshing Self-Reliance

Samuel Hamilton

◼︎ An Interview with Tony David Sampson, author of Virality: Contagion Theory in an Age of Networks

Tara Robbins Fee and Samuel B. Fee

◼︎ An Interview with George David Clark, Editor-in-Chief of 32 Poems

Tara Robbins Fee and Samuel B. Fee



Issue 9: Intoxication

Guest Edited by: Alexine Fleck and Ingrid Walker 


◼︎ Editors’ Introduction for NANO Special Issue 9: Intoxication

Alexine Fleck and Ingrid Walker 

◼︎ Intoxication and US Culture: An Interview with Craig Reinarman

Ingrid Walker

◼︎ Coming to (the History of) Our Senses: A New Methodology and Category of Analysis for Drug Historians?

Kyle Bridge

◼︎ The Price of Eternal Vigilance: Women and Intoxication

Michelle McClellan

◼︎ Intoxication as Feminist Pleasure: Drinking, Dancing, and Un-Dressing with/for Jenni Rivera

Yessica Garcia Hernandez

◼︎ Sugar Highs and Lows: Is Sugar Really a Drug?

Kima Cargill

◼︎ “Fringes blown by the wind”: High Hopes for Expanded Consciousness in Benjamin and Brecht

Lauren Hawley

◼︎ Afterword: Intoxication as Zone of Exception

Joseph M. Gabriel



Issue 8: Corporations and Culture

Guest Edited by: Jeffrey Gonzalez and Adam Haley 


◼︎ Editors’ Introduction for NANO Special Issue 8: Corporations and Culture

Jeffrey Gonzalez and Adam Haley

◼︎ From Affective Shareholding to OUR Walmart: Organizing Labor in a Post-Union World

Christine Labuski and Nicholas Copeland

◼︎ “The Form World of Our Time: Eero Saarinen’s Corporate Camp/us

Brynnar Swenson

◼︎ Insect Capital

Andrew Pilsch

◼︎ Traveling Through Corporate Time: Inevitability and (Anti-)Corporate Narrative Form

Adam Haley

◼︎ An Interview with Henry Turner: Author of The Corporate Commonwealth: Pluralism and Political Fictions in England, 1516-1651

◼︎ An Interview with Ralph Clare: Author of Fictions Inc.: The Corporation in Postmodern Fiction, Film, and Popular Culture

◼︎ An Interview with Joseph Tabbi: Author of Nobody Grew But the Business: On the Life and Work of William Gaddis



Issue 7: The Aesthetics of Trash

Guest Edited by David Banash and John DeGregorio


◼︎ NANO Special Issue Introduction: The Aesthetics of Trash

David Banash and John DeGregorio

◼︎ Trash as Trash as Art: Reflections on the Preservation and Destruction of Waste in Artistic Practice 

Stacy Boldrick

◼︎ Trash and Aesthetics in the Hoard

Charmaine Eddy

◼︎ Out of Site & Out of Mind: Speculative Historiographies of Techno-trash

Mél Hogan and Andrea Zeffiro

◼︎ Notes on Cool: The Temporal Politics of Friendly Monsters and the E-waste Aesthetic

Sabine LeBel 

◼︎ Trash Aesthetics and the Sublime: Strategies for Visualizing the Unrepresentable within a Landscape of Refuse

Emit Snake-Beings

◼︎ Drawing a Transductive Ecosophy in Process: Technological Arts, Residual Matter, Associated Milieus

Gisèle Trudel



Issue 6: Cartography and Narratives

Guest Edited by Matthew Bissen and Laurene Vaughan


     Two Introductions

◼︎ Katy?

Denis Wood 

◼︎ NANO Special Issue Introduction to Cartography and Narratives

Matthew Bissen and Laurene Vaughan

     I. Transient Mapping

◼︎ Walking the Everyday

Matthew Bissen

◼︎ Walking, Drawing, Indexing: Representing Bodily Experience of Landscape

Aileen Harvey

◼︎ A Contemplative Atlas of Transition

Laurene Vaughan

     II. Memory Mapping

◼︎ Memory and Identity in the Emotive Map of Alain Resnais' Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959)

Jytte Holmqvist

◼︎ Sense-Making and Map-Making: War Letters as Personal Geographies

Christina M. Knopf

◼︎ Poetic Cartography, Love, and Loss: On Piecing Together a Father

Francesca Rendle-Short

     III. Landscape Mapping

◼︎ The Transect as a Method for Mapping and Narrating Water Landscapes: Humboldt's Open Works and Transareal Travelling

Lisa Diedrich, Gini Lee, and Ellen Braae

◼︎ Plotting an Unfinishable Landscape Architectural Project: By Way of Beginning...

Kate Church

◼︎ Smell Map Narratives of Place—Paris

Kate McLean

◼︎ Zanci Station: Exploded Diagram, Single Channel Video, 4min 15sec, 2013

Dominic Redfern


◼︎ NANO Special Issue Outro to Cartography and Narratives

Sean Scanlan





Issue 2: Mystery, the Unknown, Surprise 

◼︎ A Brief Introduction on Mystery, the Unknown, Surprise

Sean Scanlan

◼︎ Death, Catastrophe, and the Significance of Tragedy

Jennifer R. Ballengee

◼︎ Karr's Kill Kult: Virtual Cults and Pseudo-Killing in the Digital Age

Jeremy Biles and Brian Collins