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NANO Gets a New Look

 NANO Gets a New Look


To be honest, I did not want to do a full redesign of NANO: New American Notes Online. Since January 2011, we have gone through two designs, and so I knew, firsthand, that they are very time-consuming. I was prodded to complete this design by serious needs. I had to improve the journal’s SEO. We needed to have https URL security, and while not necessary, I have long wanted a blog feature. Also, I needed the journal to be responsive on any phone and tablet, and NANO’s logo was due for a refresh. All these things are now woven into the revamped NANO, yet we remain steadfast in our mission to bring excellent peer-reviewed multimedia notes to the world without cost to authors or readers.

Let me rephrase my opening sentence. While I did not want to take time away from editing the journal to work on the design, I very much wanted to have a better, faster, smarter site. In short, the nearly three-year process has taught me a few things. I learned the value of time, patience, a good webmaster (thanks Anthony), and a supportive editorial board.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the new NANO!

Sean Scanlan

Founder and Editor


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